Sunday, September 25, 2016

Reheat and Serve

I’ve been asked to join White House Executive Chef Cris Comerford, among others, as a contributing author to “My Food Beginnings: A Filipino Food Anthology.”  And so I’ve come back to my own on-line food beginnings here , to see what’s in the larder. Which of my existing short essays on food and memory could be re-heated, transformed into something more substantial to explore what it means to be a hungry Filipino in the diaspora? It appears that 2016 is the year when Filipino food has reached the mainstream  “Filipino food is hot right now” according to Yahoo! Style, flashing ube ice cream as proof that what was once relegated to the “Oriental” stores in Carson, an LA suburb, no longer deserves the cultural cringe

My last entry here was from 2011, an entire lifetime ago.  That was before I gave birth to my son, when my husband and I lived in a walk-up apartment in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond district. Since then, we have moved to Singapore for work and regional adventures. I have focused my creative energies on writing and getting short stories published, a first foray into food videography, editing my novel and leading writing groups for expats and locals.  And it’s been crickets here, but that changes today. I have stories brewing from my travels to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Japan and Hong Kong, as well as an extraordinary culinary experience in Paris (my inspiration for this blog), Cognac and Versailles. And of course, as a four year resident in one of the world’s top food destinations, I have many sweet and savory Singapore tales to serve up. Come visit again to sample what will be on offer.

Bistek Tagalog en papillote

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  1. Hey, Vanessa, I only found out how to get to your blog by accident just now. Cool! I guess we can share foodies and whatever else with everybody else online. Who else know about your blog? Wow, I used the word else four times in a row unwittingly. Gives me an idea, how about a "whatelse or what else" blog for me. Lol. Oh, i know. This is your blog. So post me some new foodie story.