Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soul Food

2011 so far has been a year of transformation and letting go.  Re-establishing a consistent meditation and yoga practice have been key, as well as making incremental modifications to how I eat and what I cook.  Beyond the initial rush of a new year's resolution, I feel like the lifestyle changes I have adopted will slowly but surely will lead to optimal health.

My husband and I now start our day with a green smoothie made with organic produce. I do my daily meditation after drinking this slightly sweet and refreshing drink. The emerald green color is nice and gives one a sense of wellness just by looking at it.

Below is the very simple recipe and a few helpful notes:

Green Smoothie ala Mom (kudos to her for this recipe)

1 bunch kale ( organic dinosaur or Russian, leaves trimmed from the ribs and roughly shredded)
1 Fuji apple (core and quartered)
1 banana
1 cup water (more if a more liquid consistency is desired)

1. Start by putting the apple and half a cup of water in the blender in Grind mode.
2. Add kale in handfuls, careful not to clog up the blender. Add more water as needed.
3. Add the banana at the very end.

About two hours after the power liquid breakfast, I head out to take my vinyasa yoga flow class. The green smoothie has replaced coffee for that morning pick me up and I believe has led to more energy and focus in an often times vigorous and physically challenging yoga practice.

I am adding this to my definition of soul food: simple, nourishing both for the body and spirit. Of course, having candied yams and fried chicken or pork belly and roasted bone marrow, when done mindfully and in moderation, are soulful in their own delicious and decadent ways.

Here's to a new year of good food and mindful eating.

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